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Published on November 29, 2018, by in Uncategorized.

Rum is a truly marvelous drink that has its beginnings as the juice that is squeezed from sugar cane. This cane juice is fermented then distilled and aged in oak casks to produce this magical elixir. Captain Morgans Spiced Rum is one of the most popular and a lot of people actually prefer it over some of the more expensive rums such as Bacardi and Meyers.

Take the Taste Test

If you want to familiarize yourself with how all of the most popular rums stack up against one another tastewise, you don’t have to run out and by bottles of them all. However; when it comes to light rum that is to be used in slushy mixed drinks you can get by with a cheaper rum if you choose. Darker rums such as Meyers dark rum are the best rums to serve straight over ice but they too can be mixed with coke. There are basically three types of rum, with those being white or clear rum, light brown rum and dark rum.

Three Basic Types

Light brown rum has a much less distinctive Smokey molasses taste and is best used for mixing in fruit drinks such as daiquiris. Simply stop in at your local watering hole and ask the bartender on duty if you can have a small sip of their rums in stock in a small shot glass and he or she will be glad to oblige you. However; when it comes to the darker rums you really can taste the Wholesalers LED Slim Flood Light difference.

New Flavored Rums

There are newer flavored rums that have began to appear on the market, that are midrange in price and many people are fast developing a taste for. Light brown rum is what you would use in drinks such rum and coke or the Cuba Libre.

Taste the Difference

Unlike other liquors, such as vodka, the taste differences between cheap and more expensive rums is quite noticeable.